2017 TSC Track Club Info


TSC is a track club that runs year round in Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Spring Track.  We run in USATF and AAU meets and over the past few years have sent many runners to the National Championships.  We have had a number of runners receive All-American status as well as winning the National Championships multiple times.  Runners on the team currently hold over 50 USATF LI records, 3 National USATF records, and 2 world records. 

Currently our student athletes ages range from six to seventeen years old.  Runners up to eighteen years old are eligible to join.

Cross Country — July through December
Indoor Track — December through March
Spring Track — March through July 

Our next big event — AAU Junior Olympics in Detroit, MI from July 27th – August 3rd, 2017.   

Practice Locations:
Primary — Floral Park Memorial Track — 210 Locust St, Floral Park, NY 11001
Sewanhaka High School Track — 77 Landau Ave, Floral Park NY 11001

Note:  We will occasionally go to Van Cortlandt Park or Alley Pond Park for practice 

Thinking of joining?
Your best bet would be to come to a few practices.  Meet the coach(s), see the other kids, try a practice before making a decision on joining.  Either email [email protected] or call Coach Heskin 516-313-5287 to find out when the next practice day/time.  When you are ready to join you can do so at TSC Track Club Registration .  The cost fluctuates per season depending on the number of meets we are expecting to attend but generally runs between $100 – $200 per season which includes registration for most of the meets for the season. Additional costs include: USATF and AAU annual membership fees and Uniform costs. 

How do I get USATF Membership?
If you do not already have USATF membership, you will need to get it. USATF Membership can be purchased here: https://www.usatf.org/membership/application/index.asp

Club Codes:
Long Island Residents — 902

NYC Residents — 1324 

Your child will also need to be age verified.  Please scan in a copy of their birth certificate and email to [email protected] with a copy of the USATF membership confirmation. If you do not have access to a scanner bring a copy of the birth certificate to practice.

How often is practice?  Do I need to go to all of them?
We will typically have 3-4 practices a week.  Typically practices will be Monday-Wednesday-Fridays at 6:30pm at Floral Park Memorial Track.  During the winter months we also have an additional session on M-W-F at 4:30pm at Sewanhaka High School Track.

I cannot make all of the practices due to other sports, vacation, school, etc.  Is that okay?
Yes.  We know that our athletes have busy lives and are involved in many things.  It is okay to do other sports, school clubs, etc.  As with many things in life, your efforts equal your rewards.  

Who does my child compete against?
The runners compete by their age group NOT their grade.  Additionally their age is determined by their YEAR of birth not the actual day.  For example, an athlete with a birthday of 8/26/2003 is considered 14 years old as of 1/1/2017.  Here are the 2017 age divisions: 

Age Division

Year of Birth

8 & Under


9 – 10


11 – 12


13 – 14


15 – 16


17 – 18


What events are run?
For the cross country season:
8 year and under: 2k
9 to 12 years old: 3k
13 to 14 years old: 4k
15 to 18 years old:  5k 

For Indoor and Outdoor Track:
The distances range from 55m to 3000m.  Additionally there are field events (Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put).

What should I bring to practice?
The runners should wear sneakers (running shoes preferred but not necessary).  They should NOT be wearing high-top sneakers.  At some point as the runners become more serious you should consider getting racing spikes for competition.  In general shoes should be replaced every 500miles or with 1-2 seasons.  We typically have a shoe store come to a practice once a season to make it easier to get new shoes. 

What should I bring to the meets?
The runners should wear their uniform shirt and shorts.  They should also have some outer gear especially in the colder weather. You should also bring folding chairs as many times there are no chairs to sit on. 

Is the team on the Web/Facebook/etc?
You can find us on the Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube